About Cyber Essentials Plus

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials is for all organisations, of all sizes, in all sectors, and is the UK Governments industry standard in cyber security. Cyber Essentials is an opportunity to have your organisation assessed by expert cyber security specialists who work with you ensure that you are ready for today’s myriad of cyber threats.

Being certified with Cyber Essentials demonstrates to your clients and industry partners that your organisation holds itself to a high standard of cyber security, and that you maintain a strict stance on cyber security in accordance with the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme.

The Cyber Essentials scheme lays out the fundamental technical security controls that an organisation should have in place to defend against internet based threats – it is estimated that Cyber Essentials can reduce exposure to common threats by as much as 80%.

Cyber Essentials Plus is the step above Cyber Essentials which involves a detailed on-site vulnerability assessment of your organisation carried out by our cyber security experts. Completing the certification allows you to display the official Cyber Essentials Plus badge and as Cyber Essentials Plus covers many relevant subject areas, gives you the perfect foundation to easily launch your organisation into other certifications such as ISO 27001.

Cyber Essentials is mandatory for central government contracts advertised after 1 October 2014 which involve handling personal information and providing certain ICT products and services. Find out more here.

The Cyber Essentials scheme has been developed as part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme and in close consultation with industry. Cyber Essentials requires the organisation to complete a self-assessment questionnaire, with responses independently reviewed by an external certifying body.

How hard is the process?

ID Cyber offers an easy online solution to getting accredited for Cyber Essentials Plus.

Step One:

Fill out the quick contact form and get in touch. We will discuss the individual aspects of your Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation and will provide you with a payment link using your prefered method of payment.

Step Two:

Pay for your Cyber Essentials Plus and follow the instructions to create a new account to manage your accreditation.

Step Three:

Fill out the online Cyber Essentials questionnaire and the online pre-assessment questionnaire . You can save and go back to the forms at any time and if you don't understand a question you can click one of the ask for help buttons and a dedicated member of the team will contact you to help out.

Step Four:

Submit your questionnaires. Once you submit your questionnaires a member of the team will go over your submissions and make sure everything is going smoothly. If there are any problems with the submission or if the assessor needs any additional information we will let you know and work with you to fix it, we will never leave you on your own.

Step Five:

Arrange a vulnerability assessment. Once your questionnaires have been given the green light we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to perform the Cyber Essentials Plus vulnerability assessment. Our experts will work with you to assess your IT security and prepare a final report summarising the findings.

Step Six:

Get your accreditation. Once your vulnerability assessment has been successfully completed we will issue you your accreditation. Easy!

What is the cost?

The price of the Cyber Essentials Plus process starts at £1600+vat. If you have recently been Cyber Essentials accredited by ID Cyber Solutions you can upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus at a discounted rate.

What if I don't know any of the answers ?

Don't worry, we have a number of ways we can help. You can send us as many help messages as you need and we will always strive to respond as soon as we possibly can, or you can also reach us over the phone. Alternatively, our experienced security testers will always be on hand during the vulnerability assessment to answer any questions you may have.

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